Virtual Float Tank

"My muscles felt like jelly within the first few minutes"

Bruce explained that 21min on the Cold HIIT is equivalent of a 2hour workout...from a cellular and recovery standpoint. Whoa!

Nik S.

The Virtual Float Tank drops your brain into a meditative theta-wave state, providing deep relaxation and clarity of thought. It also promotes creativity and hits the reset button on your neurotransmitters.

• Comfortable rotating bed that combines binaural beats and visual pattern light stimulation to induce theta brainwaves (the brainwaves that occur in deep relaxation, hypnosis, and REM Sleep)
• Visual Pattern Light Stimulation: light goggles with visual patterns that are synchronized with the binaural beats
• Binaural beats are created in the brain when two different sound frequencies are presented separately, one to each ear

• Enhance learning and memory
• Boost creativity
• Decrease stress
• Increase resilience
• Improve mental and physical energy
• Enhance meditation effectiveness
• Improve sleep and vivid dreams

Frequency: 1x-3x a week

Recommendation: To maximize your experience, use 24 hours after the Atmospheric Cell Trainer, Cold HIIT, and Oxygen Trainer.

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