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What is Upgrade Labs?

Upgrade Labs is the brainchild of Bulletproof Founder and “father of biohacking”, Dave Asprey. With more than 15 different technologies in our two signature locations dedicated to improving mental and physical performance and recovery, we are the first to offer state-of-the-art biohacking equipment to the public.

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Our Cryo Is Better


Using pre and post-session thermal imaging, our cryotherapy unit has been tested against other units including electrical walk-in units and cryosaunas. After a session in our chamber, skin temperatures are significantly lower and more evenly distributed. Colder skin temperatures mean increased physical and mental health benefits. More fat burning, greater anti-inflammatory response, quicker recovery , more mood boosting effects and greater stress reduction.


Our cryotherapy unit can reach temperatures of -220 because unlike an electrical unit, our chamber is cooled using liquid nitrogen. However, because our unit uses a proprietary air exchange process that has gone through safety reviews, you are never exposed to nitrogen gas. The chamber is filled with the same air you breathe outside the chamber – it’s just much colder! This proprietary air exchange process is what makes our unit safer than a cryosauna unit.


We use a whole body cryotherapy chamber so that your entire body is exposed to the cold temperature – including your head and neck. Cryosaunas are less effective in reducing the thermal response because the head is out of the chamber. A significant percentage of our nerve endings are in the head and neck, which is why we recommend head-in exposure with our whole body cryotherapy unit.


One of the best parts about the Lab is the ability to “stack” our biohacks back-to-back, offering you maximum benefits and recovery. We have it all under one roof! Go from our REDcharger to our Upgraded Cryotherapy, and instantly #upgrade your body.

Benefits of Cryotherapy

Improve Sleep Quality

Reduce Inflamation

Increase Energy & Metabolism

Better Mood


You can contact us at (310) 314-0013
Purchases redeemable at our Santa Monica and Beverly Hills Locations
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What our members are saying

The technology in this place is INSANE... for as hard as I worked, I really never had a sore day thanks to all the cool recovery tools they have here. The machines and gadgets are freaking awesome but that doesn't even come in close comparison to how great the staff is, which to me is everything."

Raquel B.

My muscles felt like jelly within the first few minutes. Bruce explained that 21min on the Cold HIIT is equivalent of a 2hour workout...from a cellular and recovery standpoint. Whoa!"

Nik S.


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Upgrade Labs is NOT a Gym

Upgrade Labs takes a scientific approach to training your mind and body, promoting a truly advanced way of living.

We use the most cutting-edge, science-backed technologies available to help you achieve the highest state of physical AND cognitive performance.

To put it simply, we help people become UNSTOPPABLE.
Upgraded (noun): The state of high performance, resilience, and vibrant health where your body, mind, and life work together in unison, providing performance beyond what you'd expect.

Biohacking (verb): The art and science of becoming superhuman