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PEMF Therapy

Our PEMF exercise system charges your body’s cells so you can reenergize, heal, recover, and perform at your very best starting from the inside out.

Cheat Machine

The Cheat Machine uses adaptive resistance technology to push you harder than you could ever push yourself, giving you a week’s worth of weightlifting in under 15 minutes.

Absolutely LOVING Upgrade Labs. The Cheat Machine has been epic - a fully maxed out workout in less than 20 minutes. Big fan of following that up with the Cold HIIT bike."

Ben W.

Can you survive 3 minutes with your whole body at -220°F or colder? Cryotherapy increases fat burning, boosts your immune system, and causes your body to release endorphins.


Harness the power of light. The REDCharger exposes your entire body to red (630 nm) and infrared (880 nm) LED light. Studies show that these two frequencies promote muscle recovery, decrease inflammation and boost mitochondrial function.

My muscles felt like jelly within the first few minutes. Bruce explained that 21min on the Cold HIIT is equivalent of a 2hour workout...from a cellular and recovery standpoint. Whoa!"

Nik S.
The Big Squeeze

The Big Squeeze is a full body detox massage and lymphatic drainage technology. This FDA cleared system gently removes excess water, slims the body, expels toxins, and boosts the immune system so you can look and feel your best in a matter of minutes.


This is a 21 minute workout being tested by NASA for space flights to Mars. The compression and cooling technology helps you make dynamic strength gains and accelerate recovery.

The technology in this place is INSANE... for as hard as I worked, I really never had a sore day thanks to all the cool recovery tools they have here. The machines and gadgets are freaking awesome but that doesn't even come in close comparison to how great the staff is, which to me is everything."

Raquel B.

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